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About Us

A long distance runner must prepare by conditioning the body and mind for endurance. Researching the track helps plot the fastest course. Learning about the other runners provides a needed edge to outlast the competition.

We prepare our clients from the onset that protecting intellectual property and profiting therefrom is a marathon, not a sprint.  Navigating the trademark, copyright, and patent process can be confusing and oftentimes overwhelming. The right legal team will prevent you from making costly mistakes and veering off course.


Jeffrey Herman, Esq.

Jeffrey Herman first entered the legal profession in 2002 while completing his Bachelor’s Degree in English at the City University of New York.  In 2008, Jeffrey moved out west in pursuit of his law degree.

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How We Work

First, we begin by getting to know you and your business. While we may use various intake forms to obtain specific information, we prefer to start the process of forming an attorney/client relationship with either a phone call or a scheduled office consultation.

During this initial interaction, which is always FREE, we take this opportunity to learn more about your specific needs and goals. We listen and take notes to capture a clear picture of what it is you’re looking to accomplish. If we are able to help you, we provide you with the information and pricing so you can effectively consider your options and make the best decision possible before beginning with our office.

Should you decide to proceed with our law office, we then create a road map to accomplish your objectives and goals. Usually goals aren’t attainable overnight, so we leverage “checkpoints” during the process that help stay on course and ultimately reaching the “finish line” on time and within your budget. Furthermore, we also chart a visual road map which shows exactly where you are now, where the finish line is, and which objectives should be met to reach your goal.

Our ultimate mission is to plot the safest, surest, and most stress-free road map towards accomplishing your goals. We are able to do this based on our extensive experience in dealing with Intellectual Property work in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, and contracts.

We work closely with you to accomplish each of your objectives in the most beneficial order of priority. To do so, we provide a variety of legal services for acquiring a patent, trademark, and copyright assets. We also provide legal solutions for forming corporate entities, drafting various types of legal instruments, valuating intellectual property assets, and bridging gaps between you and your ideal business targets. We strategically and efficiently work through your road map until we successfully reach your goals and finish line.

Team Support

Awesome Legal Assistant

Lauren Edwards – Legal Assistant

Lauren is a law school graduate from the UK with interests in law, history and psychology. Her hobbies include travelling, yoga and reading statutes (seriously). She graduated in the summer of 2015 with a passion for contract law and an eagerness to expand her horizons. Her love for reading statutes and her creative mind lent itself greatly to the world of intellectual property law, and luckily Mr. Herman was there to give her a peek into that world and expand her horizons at the same time. After coming to the USA in March 2016 she has never looked back and looks forward to growing both as an individual in the world of law and within the company.

Awesome Legal Assistant

Sharlene Key – Legal Assistant

Sharlene is a current International Business Graduate student with interests in marketing, law, psychology, and business development.  While she has a Bachelors degree in Corporate Finance, she decided to expand her skill set by going back to school.  Her hobbies include billiards, yoga, poker, traveling, hiking, movies, and engaging in fun and unique cultural activities.   While interested in business development and law, Sharlene found the unique opportunity to be mentored by Mr. Herman in the world of intellectual property.  She is very eager to expand her knowledge and grow within the innovative world of intellectual property and the company.


Sara Turner – Bookkeeper

Sara Turner is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with training in business management and accounting. She works as a bookkeeper for the firm and also provides administrative assistance as needed. Sara grew up as a native Southern Californian, moved to Arizona in 1999, graduated HS in 2004. She completed 2 years of college education major in business management/accounting (PVCC), minor in graphic animation (Art Institute).  Sara is also a licensed Arizona Insurance Producer obtained in November 2011 and currently active Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Joanna Marie

Joanna Johnson – Creative Designer

Joanna Johnson was born and raised in Arizona and took an interest in art at a young age. From years of mainly self-taught development, she now nurtures her skills in many different art forms, including graphic design, fine art, book illustration, patent figure illustration, 3D prototype graphics, logo design for trademarks and brands, packaging design for new products, and website graphics. She works both in vector and pixel-based programs to provide a wide range of graphic design and illustration styles. One of her greatest joys as a creative is helping inventors bring their inventive vision to life.

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