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Code of Service

To offer a legal service to a community is a privilege to be thankful for, and a responsibility to take seriously. Over the years a code of service has evolved. It is a code we imbed into every phase of handling a legal matter. It is a code we promulgate from our lead attorneys to our legal assistants.

Our pledge to our clients, whether a prospective client, a new client, a current client, or a former client, is as follows:

  1. To treat you like we would treat our own family.
  2. To actively listen to your legal concerns.
  3. To accurately and completely answer your questions.
  4. To clarify your goals and objectives and to keep them in the forefront of our mind.
  5. To instill confidence in your faith in our office so you can focus on your other concerns.
  6. To be transparent in our scope of representation and our reasonable fees for legal service.
  7. To conduct a diligent conflicts-check prior to forming an attorney-client relationship.
  8. To greet you with a welcome letter and conclude our relationship with a farewell letter.
  9. To promptly communicate important information concerning your legal matter.
  10. To be highly responsive to your phone calls and emails.