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License Agreements

A licensing agreement is a contract between a licensor and a licensee.  Typically, the licensor owns intellectual property rights which the licensee wishes to use in exchange for valuable consideration. License agreements can be exclusive or non-exclusive.  An attorney with experience with licensing can advise you on the pros and cons of each and prepare you for executing a favorable agreement.

Assignment Agreements

An assignment of rights is a complete transfer of intellectual property ownership from an assignor to an assignee.  Agreements governing assignments must be carefully constructed to maximize value.  Unlike license agreements, there are no take backs after the fact.  An attorney with experience with assignments can advise you how to draft and execute an assignment agreement in your favor.

Cease and Desist Letters

A cease and desist (“C & D”) letter is an persuasive letter sent to a person or business entity in an attempt to get that party from stopping a harmful activity.  Commonly, C & D letters are employed by intellectual property holders to alert a competitor of infringement.  An attorney with persuasive writing skills and means to follow through on threats can help you craft an effective C & D letter to cause a competitor to stop doing a harmful activity… or else.

Corporate Formation

LLCs, INCs, partnerships, and other business entities are examples of corporate entities.  Laws governing corporations are determined by the jurisdiction (state) the corporation is formed.  The Law Office of Jeffrey Herman can help clients form various types of business entities in California, Arizona, and New York.

Intellectual Property Valuation

The most critical stage in protection is assessing potential intellectual property assets prior to beginning the IP acquisition process.  An intellectual property attorney with expertise can evaluate a client’s position and point out areas of possible protection.

EV SSL Certificate Legal Opinion Letter

An Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV SSL) is considered the highest class of SSL available by incorporating some of the highest standards in identity assurance to establish the legitimacy of online business entities. The Law Office of Jeffrey Herman is a Certificate Authority for EV SSL certificates.
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